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Our Process

What sorts of projects does Good Egg Concepts undertake?


Nothing is more important than having a great plan for how to succeed. We love devising strategies to sell more, achieve more and gain more share-of-voice. Every plan is different, we’ll work with you to define the best path forward for your business.


Sparkling writing is persuasive. Good copy sings. Reach your reader with great copy. We love writing and will help you craft ideal messages for your enterprise.


Whether you have an existing brand or an emerging one, we define brands to shine brightly against competition. We create logos, distinct brand marks, brand identity standards and essential collateral positioning your business in perfect view of your customers.

& Fundraising

From annual appeals to sponsorship programs to major gifts and annual reports we can help you raise more money. We know the strategy behind each of these advancement tactics. Use our expertise for your greater success.


“A story well-told” is magnetic to all people. Your business has a story. We help you tell it in a compelling way. Whether we’re crafting an About statement for your website or pitching your story to the media, we get you into a bright spotlight.


Gorgeous, compelling marketing collateral is a gift. Phenomenal communication design connects with the recipient. We can audit your existing materials, employ best practices in marketing material design and create the documentation you need. We work miracles with brochures, letterhead, business cards, advertising, direct mail, reports and more.

Brand Voice

Audit your social media presence, define your brand voice & create compelling content. Your enterprise’s brand voice is critical to its success. Your business will be heard clearly on every channel you choose.

Media Coverage

We pitch your story and get you coverage. We earn you much-deserved broadcast, print and media coverage – as they say “there’s no better advertising than media coverage.”

Website Design

Your website should look great and perform well in search. Consumers are searching online to find what they need. A high-performing website will: appear at the top of search results, be a good read, and compel each visitor to buy your service or product.

SEO Strategy

SEO efforts are not visible to the eye but they are essential for your business success. Effective SEO ensures your business competes in search results. We can help you stay extremely competitive in search. Just as you probably don’t personally change the oil in your car, you probably don’t want to undertake your own SEO strategy. Affordable SEO is easy to obtain when you work with us.


Advertising continues to be a fantastic way to reach your audience. We can help you define where to advertise. We obtain great pricing through our relationships with media outlets. Present your brand offerings and connect with consumers.

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.”

Bill Moyers
Imagery & Videography

All business owners should have professional portraits of staff, space and products. If you don’t have these you are losing business. Consider creating brief, authentic, well-produced videography to showcase you and your business. Connect with consumers who are visual and who will watch your short videos. We work with clients to specify the needed imagery and plot the content of your films.

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A native Chicagoan, Rebecca grew up loving infomercials, marketing slogans and the clever ways companies talk to their audiences. Rebecca also studied and lived in Miami for more than a decade.    Read more →