Be undeniably good. -Steve Martin




Be undeniably good.

      -Steve Martin


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Chicago-based Good Egg Concepts was founded by Rebecca Hoffman. A native Chicagoan, Rebecca grew up loving infomercials, marketing slogans and the clever ways companies talk to their audiences. Rebecca also studied and lived in Miami for more than a decade where she observed the fast-moving way that city continually reinvents itself year after year and learned both pragmatic and exotic marketing lessons there.

With a career spanning roles each deepening her understanding of branding, marketing and persuasion for business and not-for-profits alike, Rebecca has worked with increasing responsibility for such beloved institutions as The University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL), The Miami Art Museum, The Terra Foundation for the Arts, Morningstar, The Institute of Design, IIT and The Family Institute at Northwestern University. In each role Rebecca was charged with “selling” the organization to diverse audiences while continually identifying new opportunities for brand visibility, messaging, and always with an eye toward achieving big, hairy, ambitious goals.

Through the years Rebecca has formed a network of creative freelancers who do brilliant work in communication design, print production, social media, marketing strategy and more. She will knit together the right team, big or small, and see that your project is completed just the way you want it.

When not working, Rebecca loves to be with her husband and kids. Rebecca's a fan of fine and low-brow culture, the arts, storytelling and the pleasures of travel.